Cruise to Bermuda

Back in 1976 I was fortunate to have taken my first cruise on the Home Lines ship named the Doric.  It would take us to Bermuda and spend three days in port being able to shop and take in the beautiful beaches and the clean impressive stores and streets.  I was so impressed that it had not been for my responsibilities back home I might have relocated to Bermuda.  At that time, I was working for the Federal government so a transfer might have been possible.  I promised myself that someday I would return to Bermuda and here we are.  It has been only thirty fours  to the present time and I am returning via Holland America cruise line – sailing on Sunday on their glorious ship, the Veendam with a group of singles like myself enjoying new friendships and fun activities together.

The pink sand and turquoise water has never left my memory of Bermuda and so I look forward to enjoying it once again.  Perhaps I will see a familiar face or place to jog my memory.  In the meantime, I am packing and getting ready to leave on Friday for New York.  After a brief stay, the ship will sail on Sunday for 7 glorious days.  Will be back  in early May, unless I get a offer that I can’t refuse.  Now that I can.

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Years Flying By

I like to tell people that I have three sons and the oldest is only 51 and the youngest is 41 today with the middle one being 46.  Their eyebrows usually raise a little in surprise or denial that Ms Millie does not look old enough (so they say) to have aged so well.  Externally, maybe I have fared well with good skin and genes passed on by my Mom, but internally that is questionable.

In any event I am thankful to have this good fortune and the love of all three and I wish my Darrin a wonderful 41st birthday.  Next one will be the 17th of August for son number 1.

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The Best of Frank Parsons

Wow! That is how I feel today after being at the Richey Suncoast Theatre for the next to last show of this years Big Band.  Frank Parsons and Fred Nunes together with the band played their best yet,  in my opinion .  It had a jovial pace and moved along with two or three  of the saxophone players treating us to their expertise playing the saxophone (it is my favorite sounding instrument) along with the other band members  that produced great music, beautiful sounds and  memories of famous tunes from the Glenn Miller Band.

In addition to this, Frank had the audience participate in guessing the name of the tune and which band used it as their theme song.

Only a few offered up the right answer and although I recognized the music the names of  the band leaders escaped me due to my young years.. Ha ha!

Only one more to go till next October when the new season begins and I am ready with my eight tickets and my aisle seat!  Thank you Frank and Fred and the rest of the band and Liz for an amazing time, once again.

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Change of Plans

Decided not to attend the picnic and just catch up on home chores that needed attention.  I made some good chicken cutlets and spinach salad, baked some brownies for my friend Michelle and a cake for her birthday that I froze.  She loves my lemon cake with lemon frosting and colored sprinkles on top.  Her son loves my brownies (but no nuts) and Anna her daughter prefers lemon cake with chocolate frosting.  Mark her husband prefers yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles, of course!

Their birthdays are close in dates to my family so it makes remembering easy plus it keeps me busy and happy to do something I enjoy doing.  I spent the rest of the day relaxing and reading my current magazines.  Looking forward to a good week now that spring break is over and my volunteering at the school is a go.  I missed seeing the little ones and look forward to working with them.

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Another Weekend

This weekend should be beautiful with a great get together planned at the pool area where I live.  We are hoping to meet some of our neighbors old and new and have a hot dog or hamburger and share a dish or two.  I will probably make Ms Millie’s famous brownies to make points as well as an acquaintance or two.

The weather man is promising blue skies and not a hint of rain to dampen any-one’s spirits.  So, perhaps someone will provide some tunes and we could have a dance or two.

How about I wear my Sparkles costume and make up and entertain the children and adults?

That just might clinch my popularity!

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