April Showers

School will be on Spring break from Friday to April 12 and I will be free to catch up on writing and some spring cleaning.  For each of my 17 kindergartners I bought an activity book as a Easter/Spring gift and you would think it was the best gift ever!  It doesn’t take much for them to show their appreciation at the tiniest bit of attention and so anything I can do to boost their morale works for me..

The assistant principal learned of my latest venture into clowning and thought we could work on something that would be educational and fun for the children.  I am planning to brainstorm with the experienced clowns and have a meeting after the break.  This will bring Ms Millie another avenue to travel as I bring a smile and learning experience to another child.

Enjoy the last day of March and hope April will bring showers of love and sunshine to all……

Spring is Here

It is just delightful outside with a not too hot sun and a breeze to almost fly kites by.  It makes me feel child like as I glance at the blue sky and puffy white clouds and watch a few birds checking for food in the blades of grass.  There is just something so wonderful about Spring and I hope all of you are enjoying better weather.

Have a great weekend and enjoy.  Don’t forget to laugh a little.

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Sparkles Adventure

I dressed up in my Clown attire adorned by my red wig and carefully made up face with a sparkle on the tip of my nose,  for Calvin’s first birthday party.  When I knocked on the door,  I was a little nervous waiting for Annabell to open the door (wondering if she would be surprised/know it was MsMillie?), but she checked me out from head to toe, and then said in her cute grown up voice “it’s Calvin first birthday, come on in.”

I handed Annabell a gift bag with Calvin’s present and a smaller bag with coloring book and toy purse and mirror for her.  She gave me one of her special hugs and a big thank you and then said  “I think I know who you are!”

I smiled my biggest clown smile but I still didn’t speak as Annabell continued studying me and all of my moves.  She was amused at my sipping a drink from a straw that her Mom had given me.  How come you don’t talk?  Are you afraid to mess up your lips?   As I gave out some stickers to her and the other little guests, they too stared and smiled.  The sticker read “I met a clown today”.

Finally, the food was ready (ribs and chicken wings and legs, salad and a beautiful rice platter) that I had to admit “Sparkles” was hungry.  I carefully removed my wig and clown shoes and placed them on the chair when I heard “Ms Millie, you fooled me from Annabell’s voice”  You look so nice and cute with your wig and shoes,  could you put everything back on after you eat?  Hmm, maybe I will, we’ll see.  For now this clown is hungry and the food looks yummy.  More fun later.

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Spring Time

Hope everyone will be enjoying warmer and sunnier days from now on as Spring arrives tomorrow.   Between the frigid temps and ice-storms, tornadoes and earthquakes -floods it is time to rid ourselves of these stress factors and enjoy a day of relaxation, perhaps hear a bird sing, check out the blue of the sky as you take a walk around your neighborhood.  You might see neighbors you haven’t seen in awhile and chat for a bit.

I am planning a new hair- do tomorrow to brighten my appearance.  On Sunday, my clown outfit will be just right for a child’s birthday party.  The parents thought it might bring a few laughs,  as we celebrate his first birthday.  I will be bringing lots of colored balloons for the parents to blow up and maybe one or two will know how to make balloon figures.  Someday, I plan on being able to do this as it looks like so much fun.  Meanwhile, Sparkles will be clowning around with the little ones.  Right up my alley!

Enjoy your weekend!

Happy St Patrick’s Day

When Irish eyes are smiling,  and all the band members are wearing green sports coats and huge glittery bow ties to match,  how can one not get in the mood for some good lyrics and fantastic band playing,  all by the Frank Parsons Big Band? 

It was time for the once a month get together at the Richey Suncoast theatre and the lobby was full with waiting patrons wearing their finest greenery and shamrocks pinned to their lapels.  Somehow everyone is always in a positive mood looking forward to hearing some old time favorites played by the various band members. 

My favorite is always the saxophone and there are quite a few that are the best at their craft.  The past few months we have been treated to wonderful electric guitar music played by Pierre and I am starting to fall in love with the romantic sounds it emits.   Sadly, there are only two more concerts and then a lull – until October.  The time is just flying by and I will be once again buying my seasons ticket to all of the next seasons program.  I love the Frank Parsons Big Band and if you haven’t heard them, treat yourself if you are in the area.  The price is right!

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