Wedding Bells

Place-  Brooklyn NY

Time- 10:45 approx

Groom- Darrin

Bride –   Maria

Date-     Jan 27 2010

Tomorrow,  I plan to make a toast to the happy couple that has found the magic formula of ” True Love.”    It is pure beauty,  to see  my son Darrin and Maria his wife- to-be together.  I know in my heart that the right ingredients are in this mix,  for two people to be happy and suited to one another.

I will be flying up to NY on Friday to meet Maria’s wonderful family and then on Saturday we will all be joined at a cocktail party to celebrate this wonderful couples marriage.  Mom can hardly wait to hug them as tears of joy have filled my eyes.

Ms Millie is happy and that is a positive thing!

Happy Sunday Everyone

Where is the time going so quickly?  It sure seems like only yesterday, we were wishing each other a Happy New Year and I was suggesting you do 10 sit-ups.

I wonder just how many of  you did one or two just to see if you could.  Maybe some of you have done a few more or tried doing the breathing exercise to relax and also strengthen your lung capacity.

At the least,  if only you started smiling a bigger smile or having a chuckle over some little thing or just laughing at loud.  I know for a fact that once you do it and you feel the incredible relaxation, you will continue to find things to relax by.

It becomes addictive in a good way and besides it is so good for us to be silly.   Personally, I have been slap stick silly lately trying to juggle all the things I volunteered for and wondering how will I do them all and do it effectively?

But keeping busy is Ms Millie’s nature and doing nothing is hard to do.  For now I will say good night and enjoy your Sunday.

Current Mood:Playful emoticon Playful

The Big Band Plays On

One of those fantastic days for me that started off with a healthy breakfast of cereal, v-8 juice and mandarin oranges.  I added a cup of  fresh brewed coffee and read the newspaper.  Waited for my keyboard teacher but she was a no-show and so I left to visit my  Sophia at the Middle School.

I was impressed with her report card that showed all A’s and B’s and just  one C in Social Studies that she plans to work harder to bring it up to a B and perhaps an A by next report period.  Sophia’s attitude is wonderful and to hear her plans and her innocence, is a glance backwards to my teen-age years.  Although at 13 I remember checking out the males and my Dad telling I was boy crazy, but it was all part of being a teenager and to just enjoy it, but my school work was a priority.  Our plan for next week is to work on some lessons together that will help us find out her likes and dislikes and what gets us motivated.  It is helping us build not only a relationship, but an endearing friendship. With that in mind,  I drove to the Richey Suncoast theater for the Frank Parsons’ Big Band concert.

This months theme was music and lyrics of Cole Porter and Frank Parsons started off with an introduction of Cole Porters life history.  I learned that he lived an extraordinary rich life style and that his music goes back over 75 years and amazingly it is still wonderful to listen to.  It sure  is proof  to me  that good music and lyrics live on and are wonderful to dance cheek to cheek.  The rhythms are catching as I found myself once again dancing in my seat.  For Ms Millie it was a most enjoyable and satisfying day and  I hope you had  a good one, too.

Smile Pretty

Yesterday, I stopped at the Library and had my photo taken with the Head Librarian and carefully tucked my gift card in my wallet for shopping in the near future.   When I arrived home and switched on the television it seemed my happy moments were short lived,  as  I viewed the devastation of the disaster in Haiti.   Just hearing about the young lives of children that haven’t begun to live their own lives and the elderly is tragic in itself.

How does one survive a disaster of this magnitude?  My wish is that with all of the technology and education we have available to us here in the United States we can easily share it with the Haitians and help them with support and love to show them how to stand on their own feet.  I am counting my blessings!

Lucky Drawing

One of my favorite places to go is the Pubic Library where I can spend hours browsing the shelves of different topics, subjects, how-to-do and just information of all kinds.  Some of our branches offer DVD and books on tape in addition to newspapers and magazines.  I have a few requests for books on hold and so I thought the phone call today was to inform me the books were ready for pickup but instead I was happily surprised to learn that I was chosen as their first recipient in a random drawing for a new program entitled “Winter Readers”.  They would like to present me with a $50 gift card to a neighborhood supermarket and also take my photo to be posted on their blog.

And so,  I am planning my wardrobe and hair do (kidding) for tomorrow when I happily accept my gift card.

Surprises are cool!