Weekend Guests

It has been awhile since I had overnight guests and I am blessed this weekend with my son Darrin and Maria.  This will be Maria’s first visit to my home and I am hoping to be as hospitable as I can be.  I was very impressed with Maria when we met earlier this year and we had a nice time chatting and learning about each other.  She seems very content with Darrin and who knows ?   She just might become my daughter in-law and that would be very nice for all of the family.

His brother Joe will be picking them up at the airport as I anxiously await   their arrival.  Earlier in the week I  prepared sausage, peppers and onions in a nice tomato sauce that we can have for hot sandwiches one afternoon and I plan to make brownies tomorrow and perhaps some cake.

Darrin will have a first hand view of my new paint and decorating change to my villa.  It is a beautiful transition from the basic white walls that I previously had.  The weather forecast is low 80’s and sunshine that I know will please everyone.  We broke another record today with 92 hot and sunny degrees.  Here’s to a fabulous weekend!  Enjoy!  I plan to.

Pumpkins and Candy Corn

My little children at school visited the pumpkin farm last week and I am curious about how they enjoyed the bus ride and the pumpkins.  I am not sure if they were allowed to buy a pumpkin, but I am betting they had a great time.  On my shopping trip today,  I purchased  candy corn and assorted bags of candy to distribute on Friday and also some for my trick or tr-eaters on Saturday.

I love seeing the children in costume as well as the adults.  When I was a young girl, the boys would fill socks with flour and chase the girls to swat their navy blue pea jackets( that were in style).   We would come home from school with white streaks in our hair and on our jackets , that we had to brush out.  Mom’s weren’t too happy as I recall, but it was fun!!

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Time Change

I realized today that in another week or so we will be ending DST and it will be dark at 6 in the evening.  In some ways,  I feel trapped being I don’t drive at night and in the spring and summer,  it gives me more hours to go out.  On the other hand,  I actually accomplish more indoor chores and also find more time to read and relax.  Maybe it is just the extra hour of sleep we get back,  but it sure is nice to hug that pillow-  just a bit longer.

The weather in Florida this weekend is hot but no humidity so I just might venture up to the pool and finish the book I have been reading.  It has been a nice week with exercise, mentoring and lunch with my friend Lorraine at Crisper’s.  She is one of the prizes of people in my life that I treasure and truly enjoy her company.  One other reason is that Lorraine is just 23 days older than I and we get to celebrate each others birthday with lunch.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Enjoy your family, football, baseball and Smile, Laugh and most of all be happy!

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Brain Overload

Is it possible to overload our brains or is the excess use a form of healthy exercise?  My keyboard piano lessons are a challenge trying to remember finger placement, chords and notes.  My right hand does wonders,  while the left is far behind but I am playing a few lines with two hands.  Jingle Bells will be perfect for the holidays and I thought,  hmm – I could sing and play it on You Tube  and make it my  personalized Holiday greeting.

My newest endeavor is the mentoring of a teenager that I visit once a week at the school.  The goal is to keep her motivated to keep up her grades and earn the scholarship available to her.  I adore her innocence and positive attitude in-spite of a troubled family atmosphere.  For me it brings to mind my teenage years and how challenging it was and the peer pressures.  I didn’t have anyone to share my difficulties with.

Today in my opinion,  there is an abundance of pressures that our youth face every day with hardly anyone to guide and steer them in the right direction.  I sometimes wish I had a magic wand to find mentors and interested men and woman to spend an hour or so a week helping our youth in all age groups.  Our children are desperate for attention and appreciation.

Thinking about all that I try to accomplish sometimes makes my head hurt but an aspirin makes it disappear quickly.  I would much rather overload  my brain and keep it working.  Right?

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Cool Cool Breezes

The windows are open and the cool breeze is perfuming the stale air in my villa.   Suddenly, it feels like Fall and I am inclined to make some soup with lots of chicken, celery, carrots, and orzo.    I might even make some brownies and maybe a cake, too.  There is something to be said about cool weather and our appetite for different foods.

My summer fare has been salads of all types and lite food for months in addition to ice filled glasses overflowing with green tea to quench my thirst.

Now I am thinking maybe tomorrow morning having hot chocolate…Topped with marshmallows!       Hmmm sounds yummy!

Hoping this cool spell is here for awhile!

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