Something Different

I thought I might share some meaningful thoughts I have been reading on my various reading material.

For October 1 my page-a-day calendar reads as follows

WORRYING  does not empty Tomorrow of  ITS  TROUBLES






Happy Wednesday to All

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Keyboard Magic

Guess what I can do?  I can play “My Favorite Things” with two hands and sing at the same time.   Just in time for the holidays,  I will be able to play Jingle Bells (just the first two lines)   Maybe,  I could work in one of  the stores along side Santa Claus!  Of course,  I am kidding or am I?  I might bring it to school and entertain the little ones, their expressions would be priceless, don’t you think?

I am thinking Ms Millie is just beginning to enjoy life more each day and and without all the restrictions I put on myself or that I believed society frowned upon.   Now,  I can be silly or funny or just chill.   I can play all day and sing all night with no schedule or people to please.  I am learning all about “Me” and in turn I am becoming a nicer person with more interests and meeting people with the same.  It is a win-win situation and I wholeheartedly recommend it.  Be a kid again, jump rope, play jacks, stick ball, color with Crayola crayons, finger paint.  Just have a little fun every day!

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Rainy Sunday

The weather person has promised almost fall like temps this week (low 80’s) and I can’t wait to open a window if only for ten or so minutes.  Maybe there will be a cool breeze to bring some pure fresh air into  my rooms.  The air conditioning has been on non-stop since April and we are all hoping for a break.  A light sweater might be nice and a pair of jeans instead of shorts and tank top.

With all the bad weather going on in other places like Georgia,  I should not be complaining but just a little gripe can’t hurt.

My thought for next week  ” Treat Happiness as a method, not an end to itself.”

I read this in my edition of Body and Soul magazine.

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Great Thursday

Doing the Yoga poses today seemed incredible as I found myself twisting and turning my body like a pretzel yet not feeling any discomfort but relaxed and stretched.   I remember back in 2003 when I took my first class and thought “I will never be able to do this with my body!”.  Well I have and I do continue to improve and along with the feedback I receive, it seems be working well for me and my well-being.

I completed an hour this morning and then left to do my Mentoring at the school.   Sophia and I spoke about the rock concert she was going to see (but it was rained out),  and the movie she was planning to see this weekend.  I then looked at her progress report that sported a few A’s and just two classes that needed some improvement.  She felt by report card time next month it would reflect her diligence at bringing her grades up in all of her subjects.

We both to seem to be more relaxed as we become comfortable and trusting with each other.

Tonight I will be watching my favorite shows,  CSI and the Mentalist starring Simon Baker.  He is soooo cute!

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Eighteen New Faces

As I pulled into the Marlowe Elementary parking lot,  I could feel the excitement building and a smile forming.  My exercise that I love and enjoy along with  learning to play the keyboard and carry a tune are fun and challenging but working with the  children is by far  the most  up-lifting and rewarding experience for me.  It seems that nothing else compares with the welcome smiles on their cute faces,  their trusting eyes looking me over.   My new children in Tammy’s class are comprised of  fourteen boys and four girls.  Most have recently turned six years of age and the rest are five.

When I called each one out to my little table and chairs,  I always ask about their birthdays and if they know the month and day.  Only half knew the exact date, the others knew the month but not the day.  I ask them about their siblings and a few were an only child while one  told me  “his Mom was thinking about making a baby brother for him,”  one of these days.  Their answers are priceless and I am beaming.  Try volunteering with children to feel this marvelous glow.  There are so many children in so many schools that would love to have a volunteer care abut them.  Guaranteed you will not be forgotten.

So once again Ms Millie is back at my favorite school and looking forward to a great year helping my new friends adjust, learn and grow.  Kindergarten is always the most fun!

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