Laughing Keeps Us Young

I am still smiling and giggling 24 hours after being entertained by a marvelous cast.  The title of the show “The Godfather’s Meshuggener Wedding” produced by Standing Ovation Dinner Theatre and Directed by Deborah Louise Ortiz.  We had a wonderful table of fun people and we started off with some hoer dourves and introductions.   Everyone was in a festive mood and once the show started it became almost like a real wedding and no longer a play.  The actors were not only funny, zany and talented but the Godfather and the Bridesmaid had beautiful voices.  We, the audience took part in the dancing with the cast and other guests  like myself.   To top it off the dinner was excellent as well as the dessert and coffee.

I can honestly admit it has been awhile,  since I have laughed and completely forgot everything and just enjoyed the moments.  How refreshing it was and still is today!

Ironically as I entered Fusion Fit Club this morning,  a member remarked that I looked younger than I did last week.  She said “Ms Millie, what have you been doing?”   It took me all of five or ten seconds to reply  “I have been laughing”  and went on to tell her about my experience at the wedding.  She was so impressed that she will be buying tickets to see it over the weekend.

‘Laughing I guess is the secret to feeling and looking young.  The best part – It is free!

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Fun Weekend Activities

Last night my self and a group from the Senior Center visited the  stadium where the  Tampa Yankees play on the farm team.  Most of the players looked so young that it brought back pleasant memories of when my sons played baseball.  We had hot dogs and hamburgers and a choice of soft drinks along with a bag of chips.   The 25 people including the driver were a fun bunch to be with and a few of us unattached  women exchanged phone numbers to meet for a lunch or movie in the near future.

Tomorrow I will be attending a dinner show with Addie who is a theater buddy of mine.  It is a comedy  that was rated a fun time by the critics.  Laughter is good for our souls and keeps the wrinkles away so I am looking forward to seeing it.  Have a great weekend everyone.  September is around the corner.

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Getting Back in the Groove

You would think after working out for ten consecutive weeks that I would be able to bounce right back.   Yet, after missing only a weeks classes I did the Saturday’s class and was half asleep while Monday’s  Pilate’s hour fared no better.  I hoped Tuesday’s yoga would be better and it did limber me up a little but nothing prepared me for Michelle’s abs class which had me feeling like it was the first time. ( it was a killer) but I modified and survived the half hour and even did the body sculpting with four pound weights.

I am hoping to be back in my groove with my three classes tomorrow.  Maybe I am not supposed to take a break or perhaps I am addicted to exercise!

My Best Friend

In just about a month my dear friend Sadie will turn 84 and she still sounds as young as a schoolgirl,  when we chat on the phone.  Sadie and I first met back in 1989,  when I came to Florida to check on my new home being built.  She and her husband Bill would be living 2  houses away in 2 bedroom 2 bath ranch style home.   It seemed to me we became instant friends and looked forward to being good neighbors, too.  The next fourteen years  brought many shared occasions like birthdays, bar-b-q’s , card games and just neighborly coffee hours.  Many a Sunday we spent in my huge in ground pool with spa with other invited guests.  We laughed and cried together

Bill had been in World War II at a young age and almost lost an arm but fortunately survived and went on to become a husband, father and business man.  He developed diabetes and then Alzheimer’s in 2000.  Sadie was heartbroken but being the strong woman we knew her to be, she took excellent care  of Bill until it became overbearing for her.  She courageously placed him in a nursing home and visited him every day until he passed in 2004.

Sadie’s son in Atlanta, GA  decided it would be best for Sadie to move closer to him and so Sadie left Florida for a start on her new path of life.  She fit right in with the activities of golf, singing in the choir, playing bridge.and being a member of  the Red Hats Ladies.

Bill was 6’3″ and Sadie a mere 4’8″ (a Mutt and Jeff couple) that were so handsome and cute together.   I will remember Bill always and Sadie will forever remain “the best friend a girl could ever have”

Here is a picture of   “one dynamic lady”!!

My Best Friend Sadie (RED HAT ATTIRE)

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My Friend and Decorator

Today, I would like to introduce you to the person responsible for the “dynamic” change in my villa.  Her name is Anne and we first met last year when she and her husband Charles joined Fusion Fit Club where I do my Yoga and  Pilate’s  and other exercises.  One day back in April, Anne mentioned she would be missing class as she had won a first place award in an international design competition and would be going to Atlanta to receive her award as well as take design seminars.

Change from Drab-Grey White Wall
Change from Drab-Grey White Wall

Her design was selected to be on the front cover of their magazine.  Needless to say I was not only impressed but flattered by her presence and knowledge, so I approached Anne and asked if she would come to my villa and give me ideas for using the furnishings and paintings I had on hand.  In addition, I wanted to add life to the drab grey-white walls that did nothing for the room or the furniture and definitely nothing for my frame of mind. My question to her, was she affordable?  Yes, she would work within my budget, so without further ado, we set up a  meeting time (See previous posts and photos )

During our initial consultation, Anne showed me several color options for each room, and explained how each color would create a certain mood or effect. She answered my questions about accent colors and worked with my existing furnishings to make sure all the colors would flow throughout my villa.  She made choosing my colors an easy and fun process.

I then met with Blake, the painter Anne had recommended, and was immediately impressed.  So I had Blake paint my entire villa in the colors that Anne and I had selected.  Once Blake completed the painting, Anne magically re-decorated my villa with an artistic eye, using my existing furniture and accessories.   She created elegance and mystique and yet a feeling of warmth and comfort.  I will gladly recommend Anne Lubner of Anne Lubner Designs to anyone who might be in search of a decorator with an imaginative eye for color and balance.  Here is a link to learn more about Anne…..Enjoy!

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