It is Looking Elegant

What a difference my choice of colors has made!  Every room has come alive with warmth and comfort.  My furnishings have taken on an elegant appeal and the different shades all are working fabulously together.  My bedroom is now a soft peach that has taken on a romantic mystique as well as the adjoining bath that has the warm sunlight shining on the beautiful peach walls.

Tomorrow, Blake will be doing the hall bath in “Crocus” and the trim in “Mayonnaise”

Hopefully, my photos will come out good enough to post.

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Need Sunglasses

Who would believe that a change in paint color could transform a room from cool to a warm sunny atmosphere?   My black leather couch and entertainment unit look elegant as well as my warm beige recliner.  I woke up this morning and faced a room that brightened my whole outlook.  The kitchen area will be the same with a darker color for the soffit (plant shelf),  I can hardly wait to see the results later on today. Shooting Star is turning out to be a winner!

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My Spare Room

Back in 1995 as I prepared to move to my present location, I thought sure I had given away, sold and donated clothes, pots and pans and just plain bunches of household items. Now, as I prepare for the painter to start early Monday morning,  I have only one room that is not going to be painted as it is a vibrant shade named  “Pacific Red” and I so much  enjoy being in this room.  My room houses my computer and keyboard,  music. my awards and photos of my school children over the years.    It also has a black metal futon (for overnight guests, my sons, grandchildren).

It’s sheer irony because right now,  this wonderful room is being used as a store room, catch- all,  for the goodies and such from the other rooms.  Picture my closet floor covered with all my breakables, that I  removed from my curio.  I have art decor,  stashed behind the futon, the floor that is carpeted is now covered with boxes holding books, Cd’s and photo albums that once were in the living room area and foyer.

And then I start to wonder,  when  did I start collecting magazines, clippings and other paraphernalia?  Do we consciously get rid things vowing never again and then somehow start the process all over,  again and again?   What are your feelings on this subject?

Can it be,  it’s only me?

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Seventh Week and Still Smiling

Today is  seven continuous weeks into my fitness  goal and my second week using four pound weights.  I am finding my upper arms  starting to look toned and the wrinkly skin not as prominent.   I can also feel little muscles under the skin.   Perhaps next week,  I will try the five pound weights and alternate with the four pounds.

It has been a great week all in all,  and everyone I have talked with is doing well, too.  With that thought in mind,  I will leave you with a good wish for a happy, relaxing weekend.  Enjoy!!

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Someone Called Me “Amazing”

As we did the abs class this morning (fortunately it is only a half hour) there we were trying to do full sit-ups and touching our toes for a 25 count.  By the last three I didn’t think I could do it,  but I inhaled and said “yes I can to myself and viola, I did it” !  One  of the regulars named Erin had been on a brief absence and she had done the Yoga class with me yesterday.  This morning,  she was right across the room from me , as we did these sit-ups and right at the last count,  she blurted  “Millie, you are Amazing!”   “I am thinking I can’t do this and I look over at you, and there you are, one after the other making it look so easy.”  How could I stop?  Gosh you are an inspiration!

This comment with its sincerity has stayed with me all day and it not only made me happy but it has given motivation to continue to do my best and let others see  that will power and determination  can achieve the best results at any age.

At the end of class I thanked Erin for her complement and she hugged me and replied ” Thank you for being my Inspiration.”

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