Mixed Emotions

It has been a week of sadness.  Losing so many talented people from the entertainment world, viewing their lives and hearing their music and songs is a glimpse of “how fragile our life really is”.  That famous cliche “Here today- Gone Tomorrow” –  is a reminder for all of us to heed as we put off for the most part our dreams, our vacations, our lives for another day.  For me, I don’t feel I am guaranteed that there is a tomorrow, and so with that thought in mind,  I am going to try and live each hour of my day,  being the best that I can.  If I can be loving and caring and also be able to lend an ear or a shoulder or just be able to extend a hand to those who might need me will be awesome.

Don’t put off for tomorrow, what you can do today!  Somehow,  that just came to mind and I am wondering if that is another cliche?

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Saddened by the News

Had a spectacular day working out and then shopping with my son Joe for new furniture for his apartment.  We had an early dinner at Sam’s Waterfront Dining and I enjoyed a shrimp dinner and a Coors lite and Joe had grilled chicken Caesar salad and iced tea.

Once I arrived back home, on went the television and there my goodness was the bulletin that Michael Jackson had died as well as Farrah Fawcett.  I gasped as the tears filled my eyes.  It didn’t seem possible that two icons in one day would lose their young lives.  I recall my three sons including myself enjoying Michael’s music and performances, and my youngest son even learned ‘ how to do the moonwalk and break dancing and he did it pretty well.”  It will be a sad few days with the ongoing news via television and the radio, but long after,  we will remember both for years to come.

Mid Week Report

I have survived Fusion Fit Club’s half hour of abs followed by body sculpting with weights and a 3lb bar.  Utilizing a six lb bar is my goal starting in mid July and also graduating to 4lb weights.  My forearms are starting to show my progress,  with a slight definition of a muscle building.  Weight bearing exercises are extremely beneficial for seniors like myself to aid us in maintaining our musculature and helping to keep our bones strong,  at the same time.  The yoga practice  will help with our balance and also increasing our ability to focus and tune out the world (if only for an hour) is by far the “creme De la creme”.

And so after arriving home – having a quick healthy lunch,  my voice and piano teacher Crystal knocked on my door for our 2p.m. appointment for my first keyboard lesson.  It was a challenge,  learning the proper placement of my fingers and the difference in the black and white keys.  There are 66 keys on a keyboard vs 88 on a regular piano.  My keyboard has a (light up keys feature) and a built in recorder to show the placement of fingers on each hand.  This will prove to be a benefit once I understand the lessons.

Crystal worked with me and explained and gave me notes and  homework to complete before next Monday’s lesson. I need to recognize keys, placement of my fingers and then write down the correct numbers to the diagrams depicting which are whole notes (shaded vs half notes not shaded) Before I confuse myself as well as you, let me get busy and I will report back on my progress later on in the week.

Between my exercise and keyboard lessons it takes up half my day leaving the question what about the other half?  Never thought I would be looking for things to do, but it does beat that 9-5 have to routine.  Now I have a choice.

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Brand New Week

Started my Monday off with a cup of yogurt and fresh blueberries and grape juice and left to do my Pilate’s class.  I packed my car with Michelle’s yummy cake, brownies and her gift earlier,  so that I would be on time for the class.  One of the staff opened the door for me, as my arms were full with my mat and the goodies as she commented on the fragrant odors of fresh baked cake.  Michelle was so surprised and happy and  said she could hardly  wait to take the goodies home to share with her family.  I know the children will be devouring the brownies.

After my workout, I had lunch with Valerie at the next door restaurant with out door seating and umbrellas to shade us from the hot sun.  They offer the best sandwiches and salads – I opted for the chicken salad on pumpernickel bread accompanied  by a side of fresh fruit and a tall glass of ice cold lemonade……Yummy!! Valerie just happens to work at Starbucks and does the early shift of 5:30 -10:30.  She is a vibrant, happy, interesting person and we seem to gel.   Being she is my son’s age, I tease her by telling her just call me Mom.

Back home to do some household chores and plan for tomorrow….Yoga and stretch are on the schedule..

Bye for now.

Fantastic Weekend

So much happening this weekend with the deluge of rain in Bethpage, NY, hampering and postponing play at the U. S. open.  Hopefully with good weather on Monday,  the U. S. open, will finish its’ last day with my favorite ‘Tiger Woods capturing the victory”.  On Saturday, I decided to go for a new hair style and now have very short hair (that sort of looks good) so my hairdresser said.

I will know better when I workout tomorrow and my favorite people are there.  They are my biggest critics (good and bad)plus my best friend Michelle will be there teaching the second hour of  Stretch Max.  She is celebrating her birthday Monday and I baked her a funfetti white cake with chocolate frosting and colored sprinkles for decoration, plus some brownies for Dommie and Anna and Mark to add to the celebration.  (Helps me remember how to bake and  not lose my cooking skills altogether.)

Sunday, Fathers Day was very hot and steamy and I am thinking all Florida’s  Dad’s spent the day in the air conditioning or swimming as it was way too hot for outdoor activities.

I treated myself to the Direct from Broadway production by John Leggio for the amazing cost of $17 and a front row aisle seat.  For the next two hours , I was taken back to shows of yesteryear and today with talents unimaginable for the ages of 3-17 in all types of dance, and some wonderful vocals.  John Leggio is to be applauded over and over along with his staff of instructors.  If this was Broadway, the price tag would have easily been $100 or more.  This wonderful show started at 3 with an intermission at 5 and picked up at 5:20 till 7 p.m.  This was a first time for me unaware that  this is an annual event but you can be sure it will be on on my next years calendar to order my same seat ticket.  The standing ovation for these marvelous children was well deserved as I left with tears of pride. “Kudos to Pasco’s finest children.”