I Rode the Yellow School Bus

What fun Ms Millie had today as I had my first ride in a school bus.  Some of the children also were first time riders as they are walkers for those that live close by or they are driven and picked up from school.  They were so happy to be going on their first school trip and they behaved perfectly.  We were treated to a live performance of Roxy and Sam -Nickelodeon characters at the local River Ridge High School.  Their acting and voice skills were awesome as well as the humor.

I had a wonderful time and more fun coming back and handing out snacks in the classroom for some good behavior.  I can now say  “I rode the Yellow School Bus”  as a Senior class Mom and hope they ask me again to be a helper.  Can’t wait to tell Joey about his Nana’s bus ride……….

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Volunteers Galore

I am so proud of being a volunteer and participating in a luncheon that honored 297 retirees like myself.  We are in agreement as to the gratifying feeling after spending just a few hours with our wonderful youth.  We are all trying to  convey this message to anyone who has an ” hour or two a week to spare and share it with a needy child”.  Help him or her with reading, counting, singing the alphabet or just being a caring person for them alone.  Children remember kindness and it is a free gift we all can afford to give.

I can guarantee you won’t ask for a refund…….

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Super Saturday

My hair was completely restyled as I walked from my car to the music store during a very windy day.  Fortunately the sun and the warm temperatures created a warm breeze.  As I gazed in the mirror,  I had a flashing thought about  “how this hairdo might work”  in tandem with the song I am planning to sing.  I definitely was having a funny silly mood that carried me right into the music store.  As Crystal played the piano,  I sang the lyrics and the chorus over and over.  I am learning to project my voice and put more feeling into the words I am singing.  For practice this week, I will be learning to sing from my diaphram  along with more breathing exercises. 

I must admit I am enjoying this – I love practicing and hearing myself on the tape recorder.  If all goes well you might get to hear me one of these days……Have a great weekend.

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Time Flies

It seems like only yesterday that I returned from my New Years cruise all aglow and happy with wonderful memories.  As I type, I realize this is the last weekend in March and on Wednesday it will be April Fools Day, the first day of April.  Is it only me that feels that time is going by faster than it used to?   When I was a teenager,  it seemed like forever that I waited to be 18 and I would be able to be my own boss.  Now, I am hoping time will slow a little, so I  can accomplish more of my day dreams.  But, as the song goes, “There’s No Tomorrow”, so I better get it done, today!

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Fun Events for the End of the Month

On the last Monday of this month,  I will be attending the Retired Service Volunteer People RSVP luncheon thanking all of us that give of our time to the schools, Hospice and other agencies.  It is always a very special time meeting so many like myself that enjoy working with the children in addition to feeling proud for giving our time to them. 

One person usually receives the Volunteer of the Year Award from each school or agency and it is usually a beautiful plaque with your name inscribed and photos are taken with the staff.  The lunch usually proceeds this and then we have drawings for door prizes to finish off a wonderful afternoon.

Two days later on April Fools Day, my special grandson Joey will be flying in from New York and he will be spending a few days with his Nana.  I will be preparing his favorite meatball and pasta dish, some brownies, Italian ices and other goodies he enjoys.  There is no joy like spoiling your grandchild.  

 We are planning to go to the pool and possibly the beach one day, provided Florida lives up to its sunny warm forecasts.  Perhaps I will try my singing with Joey with the hopes he will give me his honest opinion.  He is almost ten so I am thinking he will be truthful.

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