Wishing Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving Day

As I gaze at the calendar, I realize that in thirty nine days we will be at the end of 2008.  So much has happened and I am thankful that for the most part it has been positive and happy occasions.  This Thanksgiving will be the first in many years that my three fantastic sons and I will be together to celebrate and be thankful for the day along with my wonderful five grandchildren and two great- grand-sweethearts.

How could I not be ecstatic?  I can be hugged -squeezed and get lots of kisses and give them right back.  I can color pictures- read them a story or two and just listen to their voices .  We will make a toast to give Thanks and hearty appetites and enjoy our feast together.

My camera will be shooting lots of great photos for our memory books and blogs.

I will be gone for a few days so till next time……Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you……MsMillie

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Looking Good

Today, I treated myself to a new style cut and it turned out good.  I am hoping my family will like their Mom’s new look.  Will let you know after the holiday………Good Night for now……………

It Has Been A Great Day

The bright sunshine took the edge off the cold snap this morning.  It looked very inviting until I opened the door to get the morning newspaper, I could feel the cool cool air on my bare feet.  I quickly closed the door and put on my warm slipper socks.  The temperature was 38 with a promise of the fifties during the day.  I left around 11 to work with the little ones at school.  The majority of the children were clothed in pretty sweat shirts and sweaters as they murmured “MsMillie, it is cold”  As I nodded affirmatively, I mentioned it will probably be warmer in a few days.

I stayed about two hours and then left for the Richey Suncoast Theatre to hear the wonderful sounds of the Frank Parsons Big Band.  It always has me dancing in my seat and I love to sing along trying to remember all of the words.  I amaze myself sometimes when I actually know all of the words to a song from so many years back. The highlight today was the drummer we were calling “John the Drummer”  he played the “12 minute hit”  that was made famous by the one and only Gene Krupa, called ” SIng, Sing, Sing”.  I don’t know if John played those drums for 12 minutes but the time that he did play was incredible.  I felt he deserved a standing ovation although he did receive a ton of applause.  This band is phenomenal with all of their experience and ages.  There is just so much wonderful talent amongst them and they love, just love performing together.  I can hardly wait till next month’s holiday musical.  Jingle Bells, White Christmas, Santa Claus is Coming to Town will be played I am sure.

It made a wonderful afternoon  and for me a just a great day.

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Freezing Temperatures in Florida

Tonight, some of my neighbors are bringing their plants in and others are covering their outside plants with sheets to protect them from the cold temperatures predicted overnight.  It seems we are having an early episode of cold weather that normally doesn’t occur until late December and January.  I  really think (it is preparing me ) for my trip to New York next week.

I have donned warm night clothes, robe and long slipper socks as my feet get so cold and the insulation is minimal in Florida homes.  Heating actually is more expensive than air conditioning and so I am bundling up.  It sure sounds strange as I listen to the  forecast of  freezing temperatures by morning.  My tiny prayer is for a warming trend by noon with bright sunshine. 

Well, it is time for me find my quilt buried in the back of my closet.  Never thought I would use it in Florida, but we never know, do we?

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Music and Memories

One of my favorite singers is Andrea Bocelli and I have three compact discs with his music on it that I just adore.   About two weeks ago on Oprah Live on a Friday, Andrea was there in person to sing a few songs from his latest cd to be released in a week or so.   He sang one song that was divine and then as the few notes began to play the second song, my eyes filled with tears as the song titled “Because” was my Mom’s favorite song to sing.  I remembered so many of the words and now in my adulthood, I can relate to why my Mom loved this song so much and how she truly felt about my Dad.  

There are songs we hear every day, yet never really understand what the song is about.  Many songwriters I now realize are pouring out their pain, their joy, their thankfulness in their words.  They are musical journals to me.   Till I heard this song sang so beautifully by Andrea Bocelli, I hadn’t realized how much I missed my Mom.  I could hear Mama singing it like it was yesterday.

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