Preventive Medicine

Earlier this month, I wrote about my sore arms after receiving a pneumonia vaccine in one arm and this year’s flu vaccine in the other. Radiating from the site on my arm where the flu vaccine was administered were painful red streaks all the way down to my wrist. This had never happened to me before in all the years of receiving flu shots. The most uncomfortable reaction I’d ever had before was perhaps a tiny black and blue with a little soreness where the shot penetrated the skin. This time was different.

Fortunately, all is well now. At the time, I visited my regular doctor. He described a mild case of something called cellulitis (a skin infection caused by bacteria) and prescribed an antibiotic that worked quickly to alleviate the redness and pain. Today, the discomfort is completely gone and my skin color is back to normal. And after all that, I’m hoping to be well protected against pneumonia and this year’s flu.

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Making a Difference

Some of my regular readers know that I volunteer for my elementary school and also as an Ombudsman (advocate for the Aged and Challenged adults).  Today,  my first grade children were going to a pep rally, which meant my time was shortened by a half hour that I would be there.  I helped my little Fabian with his sight words – listened to him read his first book,  “When I Look Up”.  There is a quality in Fabian that leads me to believe he could  be an actor,  when he grows up.  He sure has the personality, the sense of humor and the biggest brown eyes plus a wonderful infectious laugh and beautiful smile.  He makes this great-grandmother very happy. 

I decided once I left the school I would utilize my extra time and make a visit to one of my Assisted Living Facilities. This was a new assignment and I was impressed with their program and menus posted.   I spoke to a few of the residents asking them about their backgrounds and what their careers were many years ago.  So many of them have had wonderful lives and big families, yet there are a few that never married or had children.  I find them to be warm, interesting, and not bitter about being alone whereas some of the others that do have families are very bitter and cold hearted.  It definitely plays havoc with my feelings and emotions when I do both of these activities in one day, only hours apart. The contrast is overwhelming and I find myself almost in tears after being so happy only an hour or two earlier.  Because I care and enjoy the children and our seniors, I will continue to help.  My heart of hearts tells me “it is the thing to do”.

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The Visitor’s are Back

Today was the perfect weather for showing off our sweaters, hoodies and jeans.  The little ones were bundled up at the bus stops with their little hands tucked in their pockets. Yet, by lunchtime, I could feel the chill dissipating with the afternoon sun as I drove to the supermarket.  Sure enough the air was blasting in the store, but I was dressed for it.  Out of the corner of my eye I see two couples complaining about the coolness and realize they are wearing shorts, flip flops and a tank top.   The contrast as always is hilarious.  We are here on vacation, how come it is cold ?  I think they were talking out loud, but I offered my two cents.  It is the coldest day for Florida and we are loving it.  They were kind enough to smile and say “we can handle it”, we just didn’t dress right. We Floridians are spoiled, as soon as the first chill comes we are cold, for our visitor’s (snow birds) it is just a little breeze.  Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s fashions.

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The Big Chill

Surprised to hear the weather forecaster saying Florida is in for the coldest night of the year. In addition the thermometer should be around 46 in the morning hours. That is cold for us Floridians, and all my complaining about heat and humidity are over for now. I need to find my favorite blanket to cuddle under and also my slipper socks for the morning. The tile floor will be cold.

It will be a beautiful sunny day with cool temperatures just right for wearing my new red sweater. Red always brightens my mood and enhances my appearance. Fashion magazines say it is the (in) color of the season.

Ironically, my little ones today were thinking of a different color to wear on Friday for their Halloween party at school. There will be lots of orange and black and funny, scary costumes. I know I am looking forward to seeing their costumes. It should be fun.

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Another Sunday Morning

For the first Saturday in months I did not do my normal 1 hour workout and I feel deprived.  I worked so hard on Thursday and Friday that I didn’t think my legs could do another lift or squat, so I bowed out of the Saturday class.  I guess addictions can come in many forms, for me it must be doing the Pilate’s and yoga, as my body felt cheated.

Fortunately in the late afternoon.  there was a workshop for total relaxation and massage while Tom Sfero a friend of the instructor, played soothing, relaxing guitar music.  He has composed numerous selections and plays different genres to suit any age group.  He promised the next workshop to sing for us. That would be a double delight to look forward to.  I am thankful for Doreen of Fusion Fit Club for giving us this treat and her expertise,  in relaxation and massage.  It is no wonder that on this beautiful Sunday morning with bright sunshine and cool temperatures that I am feeling wonderful and wish my sons were around to give them a big hug and kiss.  I love and miss them more so today than yesterday.  Love does grow!  Happy Sunday to all! Enjoy