Ms Millie’s Green Thumb

I am going to be a gardener tomorrow, helping seven 2nd grade students plant seeds. We are going to grow string beans. With our bag of dirt, individual pots and a few shovels and spades we will walk to our designated area. I will let each fill their pot with dirt, add their seeds, cover and sprinkle with water and place a marker with their name on it. For sure, I will be murmuring a quiet prayer that string beans will appear. I know they will be monitoring their spots each day, to see if it needs watering and watching for any sign of string beans. Once they are ready for picking, Mrs. Merrily will supervise the students. Her plan is to cook them and serve them to the class. I will be looking forward to this tasting.

This is a first for me and I hope it is enjoyable and a learning experience for all of us.

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Three Sevens

Normally,  three sevens would mean big winnings, if I was playing the slots at a casino.  Today,  I am not feeling lucky at all.  The few little stocks I do have are shrinking in value as I peeked with one eye at the listings.  It seemed easier to view with just one eye.  I have listened to the financial experts tell us not to worry-  just hang in there-  this too shall pass.  Hopefully,  they are right and three sevens will multiply again and again in the very near future.  It sure would make a bunch of us feel more at ease and hopeful.

Besides, It would be easier on both eyes wide open.

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Loving My Life

How often do we take time to think about what we accomplish with our own resources?  How often do we appreciate all we are capable of?  How often do we take the time to extend ourselves to others and share our words of love, encouragement or just a pat on the shoulder or a hug.  Hugs, I have always found to be welcome by others and it seems to become contagious and makes a person feel so good.  This week working with my little ones, helping them straighten their shirt collars, button a few undone buttons, slick a few hairs down with a comb they could keep and tie a few hair ribbons sure brought back memories of helping my own three sons prepare for picture day.  Seems like only yesterday when they were in school.

I recall my Mom, saying “In a blink of an eye, your children have all grown up” and it is so true.  Raising them, praying they will be safe from harm’s way, teaching, loving them and also reprimanding them when they didn’t follow the rules all seemed like it would never get easier and then all of a sudden, here came that” blink of an eye.”  I definitely learned this first hand with my three sons and look at them with pride today as they are outstanding, loving and super adults , in every sense of the word.  I wish they were here with me right now to give each a big hug and feel their loving arms in return.  I am feeling nostalgic on this Sunday afternoon and thinking “Ms Millie, I am loving my life and all the wonderful people in it.”

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My Motivator and Friend

Michelle Dumovich
Michelle Dumovich

I would like to introduce you to a dear friend who inspires me with her energies. Her name is Michelle. We met just about five years ago at a fitness studio where I was already taking classes and working on machines to add muscle, tighten, and tone. When Michelle introduced her class called “Cardio Dance”, she highlighted that it would be a fun way to increase cardio by dancing to the music at the same time. Knowing how much I love music and dancing, I knew this was the answer to getting my cardio ‘fix’ as I was already working on all the other important facets of exercise.

The Yoga practice was on my Monday and Wednesday evenings. I had started Pilates for flexibility, so adding cardio was the right ingredient to round out my exercise program. This class was, by far, my favorite for cardio and fun – always providing an utterly exhilarating routine! Her personality and experience are top-notch. Today, Michelle is, among other things, the owner of the M.D. Complete Fitness Inc. of Trinity FL, athletic director, and personal trainer for the Fusion Fit Club.

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Enjoying the Show

With all the news in the media covering everything from money to politics, I feel it is making some of us a  little jittery with the uncertainty,  of how things might turn out.  As a good stress reliever, I have found good entertainment  to be the antidote and this week’s new shows are a welcome sight.  There is dancing, comedy, new and continuing dramas and tonight, the final season of ER begins.  I have lost count on how many season it has been on the air, but I still enjoy it and I am sure we will miss the ” void”  next season.  For now I am hoping my favorite on America’s Got Talent  Neal  will capture the number one spot and if not my second choice would be, Nothing but Strings.

Both are outstanding talents and deserving of the top prize.  I will be counting the days till next weeks show.

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