Another Month Gone

Time is marching on and we are almost at the beginning of a new month.  September always brings back memories of my Dad who was my best friend.  He passed too early in life at age 56 back in 1963 and it seems to me when you love someone, the feelings of loss are never diminished entirely.  I find myself at times remembering sayings and conversations and his words of wisdom that I have passed on to my sons.  Thoughts of my Dad, somehow brings a smile to my face.

 On Sept 8, my youngest grand-daughter will turn 19.  She is a sweetheart and now towers over me by 5 or more inches.  Her major is music at the Christian college she attends in Pennsylvania and she is hoping to become a famous singer and perhaps acting, too.  Labor Day will be here this weekend-and maybe the humidity will disappear and give us a feeling of impending fall weather in Florida.  I love the sunshine but it has been sticky for weeks on end.  Yet we have to be thankful that the hurricanes have stayed away from this area.

Be safe, be happy and enjoy your Labor Day.

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Dance Fever Returns

Just about one month from today my Tivo will be programmed for the first “Dancing with the Stars” new season.  I am about ready to buy my dancing shoes and see if I can compete.  After all, one of the stars is 61 and the oldest the paper stated is 82.  I am smack in the early part of 70 so I might just do a few good spins.  This is all wishful thinking on my part , and a tad kidding, but if they call me – I will be there in a heartbeat.  Looking forward to dancing around my living room.

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Thinking Cap Time

Anyone out there know who said “If you don’t use it, you lose it!?  Now that I am back working with second grade students for the second time this week, my brains sort of feels fuzzy.  It is reminding me that I have not put it to test of really thinking, just going through the motions.  Its’ benefits are a feeling of energy and also a fatigue( we have used cells that have been dormant), this is how it seems to me! 

The teacher used a slide to show a page from the workbook showing patterns and units and what in fact -constitutes a pattern.  It also showed how we might continue the pattern, change it, add to it.  Ironically there is a “rule” that I didn’t recall or it has been too many years since I was in second grade.  The “rule” is the part that repeats itself.  So, I am learning along with my little students.

I am begging to wonder “Am I smarter than a second grader?”  We shall see……..To be continued

Twenty Smiling Faces

My goodness I am still smiling and it is hours since I left the classroom.  Maybe I should just take up residence there.  It seems I am at my happiest when I am.  On my way into the school to sign in for the first time this year I met the Assistant Principal who was delighted that I was back again to volunteer at her school.  I reminded her of my past two years receiving the best volunteer award and related I would hope with hard work and diligence, perhaps I would be nominated once more.  Either way I would do my best.  As I walked at a quick pace towards my classroom  I stood quietly just for a second and then opened the door.  Once I entered the room my eyes viewed  twenty of the cutest children, I knew  then it would be easy to do my utmost to help them in any way I could.

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School Bells are Ringing for Me

Friends have been teasing me as of late with questions of “have you started back volunteering with your kids?” You always seem happier with your eager smile and news of what they have accomplished. This is so true of me. Of all the things I have done for keeping busy since I retired, this is the ‘creme Dela creme’.

Working with children is so rewarding in every aspect but most of all when they give you that big smile, letting you know you have made a difference if only for an hour or two. My wish is more retirees will join myself and others in volunteering at the schools. There are more than enough children to go around. You will never regret the time given to a child.

Monday morning can’t come soon enough. I know I will be a little nervous for just a few minutes and once I see all these new cute faces, relaxation and patience will take over. This will be my sixth school year and my second time with children in the second grade 8-9 year old.