Another Nice Day

The skies just ruptured today with lightening, thunder and rain that just bounced off the streets and sidewalks. My car had its second free car wash this week. The windshield never looked cleaner. I think there is something magical about rainwater. It seems to purify everything.

BJ picked me up in the middle of the storm and we drove to a favorite healthy cafe, named “Cafe Fresh”. They prepare healthy wraps, panini’s, salads and smoothies with all kinds of (good for you) ingredients. I opted for the Grilled Chicken Spinach salad plate and a bottle of Green Tea. BJ had the Mediterranean wrap and a healthy drink…..We discussed our plans for the dance cruise in December and what we would wear. Luckily, BJ loves fashion and offered to loan me a few long gowns for the cruise with free alterations. I can hardly wait to see and try them on.

This is been a very nice week so far and on Friday I will be treating Judi to her birthday dinner. Hopefully, the skies will cooperate…..Till tomorrow……..MsMillie

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Dinner with Friends

My tummy is filled with chicken noodle soup, a huge plate of oriental grilled chicken salad and a small hot fudge sundae, plus two glasses of ice cold water with a twist of lemon….Apple-bee’s came through with their 3 choice special.  Everything was just perfect and fit right in with Estelle and Tina.  The two looked exceptionally well and happy and so excited to see one another.  It was so nice to just relax (chill) and talk about old times, new times and whatever. 

We are hoping to do it again in October with the expectation of cooler less humid weather.  What a wonderful time with friends and good food…….

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Happy Humid Monday

There was a time in my life when I looked forward to the summer of warm days and sunshine and a cool breeze late at night. I must be getting old and crotchety, because I can hardly bear to be outside for any period of time before the humid air takes my breath away. It stays this way after a typical shower without any drop in humidity or temperature. Evening has no relief to speak of…. I am thinking I might relocate to Alaska next summer…I have a writer friend there who has a website called Gullibles Travels. Enjoy! Stay Cool!

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Lunch and Dinner with Friends

Next Tuesday I will be meeting two friends that I used to work with almost nineteen years ago.  Estelle and Tina worked in the Civil Dept of the Clerks Office and I worked in the Probate Section.  We have all since retired and try keeping busy volunteering at different activities and locations.  At least once a year, depending on our schedules, we meet for an early dinner (4p.m.) in a centrally located restaurant.  We just love catching up on each others lives.  Applebee’s is having a special- entree, side and desert for under $10 which makes it affordable to have a coffee or low cal drink, too.

On Wednesday.  I am meeting my friend B. J.  who will be my cruise roommate in December.  We thought it would be nice to start early planning of wardrobe ideas and places we would like to see.  Lunch will be at an outdoor restaurant under an umbrella just in case it decides to sprinkle a little.  Friday will be the end of the week and the beginning of a new month, the first of August.  My friend Judi will be having a birthday and my gift to her is dinner, a glass of wine and a nice card.  We always have lots to talk about and she loves fine dining so I think I will be making reservations for “Sam Seltzers Steak House”  where they serve the best sirloin and fillet Mignon.  Their dinner rolls are warm and scrumptious.  Mentally,  I am adding up calories and thinking I might have to ration some of my appetite and spread it out over the week and maybe spring for some birthday cake.  It should be a nice week of good friends, fun and food………. 

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Here’s My List

O.k. ready!  If I could – I would be on stage singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, just like Judy Garland  or I would be singing  Doris Day’s Secret Love;  I would be the talented singer in the James Bond movie, Shirley Bassey singing Goldfinger.   Somehow each time I see a show or hear a song,  I picture myself up there on stage wearing all different costumes, glamorous makeup and hairdo’s.  That would be a dream come true.  I adore entertainment and I would gladly entertain you, If I could.

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