My Aging Eyes

Every March like clockwork I get my eye exam, check for cataracts, glaucoma or hints of eye problems.  Each time for the past four years, my prescription stayed the same till today.  I am only three months late for my appointment but my eyes did change a little to the tune of $400 plus for new lenses.  Luckily I paid a fortune four years ago for very stylish indestructible (lifetime I hope) Versace frames that I can continue to use for the new lenses.  The tiny cataracts are growing slowly so that does not enter into the picture this year and fortunately- no glaucoma.  So I feel great about my eyes although my budget will be blown for this month.  Not a bad price for great eyesight!!!!!!

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My Sister’s Wedding

1952- wow that is fifty six years ago today when my sister Jo married Marty.  She was a beautiful bride with her dark hair and eyes and dimples you could put your fingers into.  I remember our Dad being so proud of her as she walked down the aisle on his arm.  For me I was a scrawny teenager trying to keep her gown from falling off my shoulders.  I believe it was a hand me down and not sized for me , but never the less I was so proud of being her junior bridesmaid.  Today we relived that day when they took their vows fifty six years ago.  In today’s world that is a record to be proud of.  My wish to both of them is continued bliss and many more years together.  Happy Anniversary.

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Just Daydreaming

For the past few days I have been in a dream like mode, not concentrating on any one thing and not accomplishing much of anything.  I keep thinking of my two sons and how happy I was to have seen them.  There is nothing like face to face hugs and kisses. I am convinced that our childrens’ ages do not determine how we treat them.  Somehow to me they are my young sons.  I remember my Mom introducing me as her baby daughter and I resented being called a baby.  Today, I find myself all grown up and calling my youngest son” my baby”.  We are parents forever and I love every minute of the past (almost fifty years) of being a Mom.  No wonder I am daydreaming, it is so much fun to relive these wonderful moments of our lives.

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The Lost Birthday Card

It has been almost two weeks since I mailed Joey’s birthday card with his $20 in it.  Somehow it never arrived and I have not had it returned to me.  In the past I have put the wrong zip code but this time it is gone – without a clue.  Hopefully, if it strayed into the wrong hands, the person was extremely needy.  I have posted a new card and check today with the hopes it will arrive safely next week.  This Nana has learned a lesson about sending cash in the mail and I hope Joey will be happy with his late present.

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Back Once More

I loved staying in Joshua’s room with all of his soccer trophies and ribbons adorning his wall and top of chests of drawers.  His bed was very comfy.  Saturday morning we all hurried to put on our best faces and party clothes and headed out to the event that would continue into the late afternoon.  We were to be served a light breakfast and a midday dinner including a disc jockey spinning those great dance tunes and an artist that does caricatures.

Once we arrived it seemed other members of the family were coming in just as quick.  You realize as you hug and kiss each other how much we have missed them.  The rest of the afternoon flies by with good food and conversation and  I have an 11×14 caricature that almost resembles my hair and dress.  I think I will have it framed  and hang it in my den amongst my classroom photos and awards.  

We arrived back home at my nieces exhausted kicking off our shoes and headed for the nearest comfortable chair, sat back and relived the happy moments.  I am looking forward to my son picking me up on Sunday afternoon and driving to Brooklyn to spend the next two days.  Opened my eyes to the smell of fresh coffee brewing and the thought of another  New York bagel has me wide awake and hungry.  I quickly freshen up and join the others at the table where orange juice, coffee and a basket of hot bagels sits along with the cream cheese that is traditional to spread on our choice of bagel.  I savor every bite and morsel.  Lynne has packed a few for me along with a tin of Italian cookies to take back to Florida.  I  know I will be working out double to take off the calories, but this is special food so,  I am going to indulge a little.

Two p.m. and my son and I are off to his apartment and we have another wonderful passenger named Sam, the cutest cuddly beagle with auburn and white fur and big brown eyes and floppy ears.  I am feeling so wonderful and warm seeing my son.  It is beyond measure the love and pride I have for him.  Life is good!

We spent the rest of the day hanging out and then walked Sam, climbed 2 flights of stairs again and then walked to this wonderful Italian restaurant.  Two hours later we exited stuffed and content and ready for a good nights sleep.  Monday morning is here and my oldest son and grand daughter are coming to visit.  This is going to be another wonderful day with sunshine, family and love.   We hang out, take some photos and grab a bite to eat.  The tree lined streets are bustling with people and kids playing in the parks.  I miss the city life (I think).  I love peace and quiet but then again I like seeing all the different folks doing their thing.  Are we ever truly satisfied?

We tearfully kiss goodbye as they leave for their ride back home.  My son and I are going food shopping in a huge market that sells everything- fresh- cooked- deli- gourmet-bakery.  What an incredible experience seeing all of the choices of olives and cheeses and fresh breads and produce.  After our two hour shopping spree we drive back and realize we are famished and crying for some good food nearby.  We walk to a restaurant that has outside dining to enjoy the cool summer breeze.  We just sit back and watch the world go by.   Tomorrow I leave Brooklyn and head back to Queens and wait to leave for the airport in the afternoon.  I am thinking I will come back for Thanksgiving Day dinner with my sons.  This trip has turned out better than I had imagined and it feels wonderful.

After a long flight and ride home on Tuesday evening I arrived back in Florida in the wee hours reliving the past five days that were short on time but long on wonderful memories, pictures.  Above all the love and hugs will live on in my heart for weeks to come.

It was a mini vacation in time- maximum in enjoyment and love.  It was great!