Memories of a Landmark

When I was a young girl living in the Bronx, a borough of New York City, I would take the subway to Grand Central Terminal every day to attend High School. This was considered 42nd Street on the East Side of Manhattan. I remember it as a huge station with beautiful lighting and several stairways leading to different subways than ran underground. You could travel for hours on one token fare which in those days was probably .15 cents. You inserted the token to go through the turnstile and off you’d go.

I loved the subway. You could read sitting or standing with one hand holding a strap that protruded from the ceiling of the subway to keep your balance and the other holding your book. Somehow you knew how many stops to count before you reached your destination. Might sound complicated, but it wasn’t. Last November I ventured back in to the city via the Long Island Railroad (the LIRR) which makes it’s way in to New York’s Penn Station at 34th Street. There, I met my son and we took the subway to his home in Brooklyn except this time around, the cost is $2.00 printed on a computer card that you insert in the turnstile to gain entrance – no more tokens! The subway was packed with rush hour traffic and there were no seats; just bunches of people hanging on to poles, straps and doing their own balancing act. The experience was definitely déjà vu.

Time has a way of getting away from us and I could hardly believe it had been at least forty five years since the last time I rode the subway. Back in those days, there were the many smells of all the different foods emanating from the vendors along with the clothing shops, candy stores (lofts) which very popular back in the fifties. There were bakery and pizza shops and little booths that charged .25 cents to get your pictures taken. You sat and made a face or smile as you inserted the coin and voilà, in a few minutes out came four little pictures.

We would go to Grand Central on the weekend and then switch to a subway for one stop to Times Square which would be 42nd on the West Side. All of the famous theatres, movie houses and stores were located on the many different streets. You could walk and window shop, stop for a bite to eat and of course, see a matinee. You could stand on line and get tickets for a Broadway show that same day for a reduced price. Just taking the train into Grand Central led you to all different destinations. People take this ride everyday to work, to school, for recreation and just plain enjoyment.

Awhile back I purchased a beautiful black and white print in a thin black frame of this famous landmark. In the lower left corner of the painting are the words Grand Central Station 1934 written in white. For many of my friends who are not native to New York, they are thrilled to see the famous landmark. Most recall the name and if they haven’t already, express a longing desire to someday visit NYC and ride the train to Grand Central. I enjoy looking at my framed print time and again. It always evokes a happy memory of myself as a young school girl. In the future I know my children will look at this print and remember how their Mom loved it.

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My Little Grown Ups

Only eleven days till the end of our school year.

Scanning the classroom yesterday, I could see the maturity and discipline that a majority of the children have learned. There are a few that are still unruly and inattentive; they are the little guys that sadly come from troublesome families. There is no stability or a feeling of permanency in their lives. Still, every one of them has touched my heart and will leave a lasting memory.

In August we will begin a new school term and this time it will be second grade. I know I will be ready for the challenge and the joy of meeting all new children.

Kids, have a great summer!

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So Much Talent

Today I marveled at all the wonderful talent that our youth has; there were singers, dancers doing ballet, young actresses and actors. The youngest of the bunch was a beautifully talented young lady all of twelve years-old who could sing and dance. Her partner was fourteen and could sing, rap and dance too. Some of the vocalists brought the house down with their young and powerful voices.

One performer in particular had us in tears with her beautiful rendition of a song called “These are my Children”. I’m not sure if the song she performed was an original song written for this performance or if it was always part of the show, a 1980’s rendition of “Fame”, but it was so wonderful that it brought a powerful and emotional reaction from many in the audience, me included. Charlie and Marie Skelton deserve an award for directing the show and showcasing all of the local talent from our schools. RIchey Suncoast Theatre is becoming a mini Broadway!

As the stars of the show lined up outside to be greeted, I shook their hands and thanked them for their wonderful performances. We all wished them many years of future success. It was so enjoyable that I bought a return ticket for next Sunday’s final performance. I can hardly wait to see it once again. I loved it.

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The Big Band Sound

Lucky me! I have tickets for the last performance of the Frank Parsons Big Band that is held in our local theatre. Each year, they perform an eight series program that starts in October and ends in May. Usually the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2pm. Convenient time for me and it works well with having an early lunch and an early dinner as the performance usually ends around 4:30. I try to keep my schedule open so I do not miss any of their performances.

I buy the season pass early in the year to insure my seat right up in the fourth row. I prefer being close up so I can see their expressions as they concentrate on the music sheets, toot their horn, hit the cymbals, bang the drums. It is fascinating to hear it all come together.

Sometimes, the theme is Broadway tunes or holiday music or St Patrick’s Day. There is a female singer that resembles Jo Stafford from years ago singing “You Belong to Me” and other low key ballads. The afternoon is always enjoyable as I hum quietly to the songs I remember. For sure I will be buying next seasons’ tickets.

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Where Was This Hiding?

Awhile back, I had a water leak that affected my kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity along with the carpeting in my office. It wasn’t too much of an inconvenience because the wonderful SERVPRO people came in and replaced the pad and shampooed the carpet. Looks brand new.

The past few days I have been emptying cabinets, drawers and the vanity.  I could open a mini market with all kinds of shampoo, curling irons I’ve never used, plastic containers of all sizes and shapes, silverware that does not match, souvenir plates, magnets and the like. They were kind of enough to bring boxes and paper to wrap the delicate dishes.

i have boxes and boxes lined up in my living room. On Monday and Tuesday, the carpenters are going to tear out the old cabinets and replace them with new ones.  They will also reface the countertops. The bathroom will be getting a new counter and vanity too!

If I survive this mess, my kitchen and bathroom will look brand new. Anyone need any boxes? Only kidding. I will give them back to the kind folks at SERVPRO.  I also plan to give my son, who is living nearby, some of the dishes, the silverware and the plastic containers. I am sure he can use them and will love them…  If you need some shampoo, just let me know!

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