Off to Tallahassee Florida

I am off tomorrow (Monday) for the drive with four other Ladies to be guests of the Governor of Florida as we serve as advocates for the elderly – a.k.a. Ombudsman. We are recipients of the Golden Globe award and will be honored at a reception on Tuesday evening. The four of us had gone on a special assignment to help out other Ombudsman in Miami back in February and we accomplished a good amount of necessary work.

We are staying at a Homewood Suites in Tallahassee (first time visit for me) with lots of fun activities planned for us. Working for the elderly and mentally challenged is a privilege I feel blessed with. It gives me a wonderful feeling to know I am helping someone and who knows, I might just need someone’s assistance someday. Our return trip is on Wednesday and I know I will coming back with oodles to tell you about. Looking forward to the photo shoot with Governor Crist…Hope he is able to attend!!!

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Who Remembers Early TV Shows?

I just read that Law & Order is losing their star Jesse Martin as he is pursuing his musical interests. He will be missed as I very much enjoy the part he plays. This happens time and again; we become so attached to our shows and the actors that it is a personal loss when the show is canceled or they change actors.

I promise myself each time a new show starts that I will not become a faithful viewer, but somehow it doesn’t work for me. I still miss JAG and David James Elliott. Peter Falk as Columbo, The Early Show, The Late Show, The Late, Late Show and what about those early days of Kukla, Fran and Ollie? {or click here}

On Tuesday evening was Milton Berle’s Texaco Star Theater if my memory serves me right. There was Naked City, Hawaii Five-0, Kojak, The Jackie Gleason Show and I Love Lucy among so many others. We had so much variety and laughter and plain old enjoyment. Almost no frills, yet entertaining. What are some of your favorite memories? How far back do you remember?

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The Mess is (Almost) Over

Almost four weeks to the date and I am back in my room- in my favorite corner- typing away.  The carpet man replaced the padding and shampooed it.  He made it look and smell brand new.  Now, I am trying to find all the stuff I kept nearby.  I had put it away for safe keeping.  My senior brain is sorting away bits and pieces,  waiting for a clue to remind me,  where I might have stored these things.  I know it will come to me in my sleep and surely wake me up.  It often happens when I am trying so hard to remember.  Guess my brain needs the workout to keep it functioning.

It will probably be another month before they finish my kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity but now that I am snug in my chair in my clean room, I somehow have all the patience in the world and the mess is almost all gone. 

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Feeling Like a Celebrity

By now I hope I have convinced some readers that I love to write about everything and anything. I seem to always have an opinion, or a suggestion, or why “my way is the better way”.

Recently, one of the magazines I subscribe to had a “post your ideas on how you stay energized” contest. I wrote about my routines and how they work for me and how I felt they could work for others too. Well, the editors loved it. They will be publicizing some of my ideas in a future issue and I will be receiving a small monetary award.

Need I tell you how excited I am? My goodness, you would think I won the Nobel Prize! But hey, it’s a start. Maybe down the road, lots of checks will be rolling in and I will be a famous writer doing book signings. Whoa there! I am indeed getting carried away. But it sure is nice to be recognized.

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The Sweetest Words

I recall Art Linkletter saying “kids say the darnedest things” and yes, I do agree. I would like to add that they give the most honest answers you will ever hear. As some of my readers know, I volunteer for a kindergarten class of 18 five to almost six year olds. Our school year begins in August and ends the first week in June. For those of us parents, think back to your five year olds, and how immature they were and how they missed Mommy. Runny noses, tears, open shoelaces, and the “I am not sharing” syndrome. This year, the months have passed quickly and my school children have progressed to having manners, sharing, knowing how to count to 100 and being able to write the numbers sequentially. We are now writing sentences together using a clothes-pin as a spacer between the words to give them an idea of how not to bunch letters or spread them way up, down and around the page.

As I was helping little Allison who still is tiny in stature (she could pass for four years old), she said “Ms Millie, I don’t want to go to first grade next year.” “Sure you do” I replied. “You are doing so good with your writing and letters.” “I know that” she said, “but I won’t have you to help me.” “Oh Allison, you will always have me around the school to say ‘hi’ and who knows maybe I will volunteer for first-grade next year.”

These wonderful children are appreciative of the attention and for me, wow, what a feeling of accomplishment and joy. I love the sweetest words spoken by children, don’t you agree?

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