Five Days till 2009

I am thinking of how wonderful this Christmas season has been amidst the shopping, mailing and me packing for my cruise.  This is it, the final day before I leave on the bus for Fort Lauderdale, Fl to the cruise terminal for Princess Cruise Lines.  The Ruby ship will be my home for the next seven days.

My gowns and shoes are ready for the nights of glamour and my suntan lotion and suits ready for the sunning afternoons.  I am excited to say the least.

 My next post will be in the early days of 2009 with all my tidbits of happy occasions and hopefully some good photos…….To all a very Happy New Year.

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Just in Case

Each time I plan a trip,  I make a list of things I need and want to wear including the shoes, jewelry, wrap/ sweater and it all seems to work out so well on paper.  Then, I start with my biggest suitcase and put my new sleepwear and personal garments in a special zipper bag.  I put the shoes on my list in plastic and place them in the bag.  The five special gowns/dresses with a matching wrap and the jewelry to go with each. That will take care of the five dress up nights including New Years Eve.  So now I am thinking about morning and afternoon casual wear in addition to a few bathing suits, a cover up, flip flops, a  straw hat, sunglasses and lotion to get that great Caribbean tan. In a blink of an eye I am now filling a smaller suitcase and adding my ( just in case) clothes, In case I eat too much and the waistband doesn’t close and the zipper won’t zip, in case the weather is not right for what I planned to wear and so on.  Plus I have to add all my cosmetics, brush, pills, vitamins and first aid items (that you never want to buy on a ship or in a port).  The prices will astound you.  

It is a good thing that I have mailed all my presents up North so there is plenty of room or so I thought now that my room has one huge suitcase and one big suitcase and a carry-on type bag for my camera, snacks (for the bus ride) and last minute items. The departure is not for another five days, but I am ready and I am promising myself this is it.  It is only a seven day trip from start to finish.

Let’s see if I wear everything.  I promise to tell the truth.  Do you think I will?

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Snow in the Forecast

My family up North has mentioned they might be having a White Christmas this year as the snow fell lightly today out in Long Island, New York.  I am sure my young grandson Joey is having fun on his sled.  I can vividly recall how pretty it is seeing snow coming down, but I sure don’t miss the drive to and from work and white knuckling my steering wheel.  Back in 1978 I believe we had a record snowfall that closed businesses, schools and the Internal Revenue Office where I was employed for three days.  The parking lots were filled months after with piles of frozen snow until the warmer temperatures came to melt it all and it wasn’t a pretty sight.  It will be warmer and cozier to see it on the television and sing” I am dreaming of a White Christmas’ and drink my hot chocolate with visions of yesteryear.   For all of my readers experiencing winter storms please be careful and be safe.

Thinking Cap Time

Funny how past quips come back to mind,  just in the nick of time.  Today, I sat amongst nine or ten people listening to directions on taking the 28 question test.  There would be no questions answered during the half hour allotted and  to try and refrain from thinking out loud, pencil tapping, murmuring, sighing. If we could just try to be mindful of our fellow test taker it would be appreciated.

We opened our test booklets and within minutes, the gentleman to my left started tapping his pencil into his paper as he did some calculations or writing.   I know I must have rolled my eyes but then my Dad’s famous words  jolted me back to my task at hand. “Millie, put your thinking cap on”.  As it had always seemed to work for me in the past, I smiled to myself as I completed and passed the test in the time allotted.  Hopefully, my thinking cap will be there for me when I am called for the training.

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Summer Weather

Today is warm and sunny and I sort of feel guilty after seeing the ice storm up North over the weekend.  I remember the year we had one in New York and Long Island and I think almost every neighborhood was without power except for us.  Believe it or not I was still able to use my Electrolux sweeper that I used everyday.  I think back and wonder, was I a fanatic or just a bundle of nerves?   Now, my Electrolux sits in my closet and  every once in awhile I use the featherlite Bissell.  It is amazing how we do change as we age or is it just not a priority any more?  

You can see by my past two postings where my priorities lie.  Give me fun, parties, dancing and dining and I am ready to enjoy as Ester and I did at the Christmas party.  No big raffles this time but the band was great and we all danced in between the food courses being served.  Ester looked beautiful in her gold/black gown and I wore a velvet black long dress that brought lots of complements.  Lucky for me, there is another party this weekend that Ester has invited me to.  This time it is five ladies with the same birthday celebrating together……….This should be a blast.

More dancing, more fun, more laughs.  I am thinking this is how life should be all the time!  I know I am not being realistic, but at this time of the  year, why not?

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