There is news and news and for awhile I was told “No news is good news” and I sort of believed it when I didn’t get the anticipated phone call or the message reassuring me of someone being OK.  It  turned out that my worry was not necessary, everything was fine.  Until the present time, the news and non replies from friends via phone calls or emails has turned out to be bad news.  Cancer is striking again and again almost like the common cold.  Is there an epidemic?  Where is the cure?  Where is all our research monies going?  We found a way to prevent polio, measles, diphtheria, mumps, pneumonia.  Why nothing for cancer?  Lung cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer all on the increase.  Something is wrong and we deserve answers.

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Promises for the New Year

My list is growing as I think of ways I can and should improve in 2008.

Tops on my list- Ignore people that are negative- rain on my parade  Refrain from talking about people.  Accept them as is.

Help more seniors to smile by visiting nursing homes, assisted living facilities.  Mentor children at a local school.        

Insist on being the best I can.  Giving of myself to others in need of a shoulder, a good listening ear.

Serve my family and friends with kindness and understanding.  Being there for a neighbor,  a good friend, a stranger.  Make myself unforgettable in  a favorable way.

With only three more days to the end of 2007 I have a feeling my list will grow with ideas of positive thoughts.  What are some of your promises for the New Year?

The Afterglow

Have you survived all that wonderful Christmas music that played continuously?  What about the mounds of paper and empty boxes waiting to be discarded after spending hours wrapping and making our presents look beautiful.  It is the build up and excitement and then poof it is over.

Is your refrigerator bulging with left overs?  Pies, cakes, pastries, lasagna, ham, turkey.  We probably could feed the homeless.  I know we all say next year will be different.  We will conserve and not splurge on gifts and cut back on the quantity of food, but I can assure you, next year at this time – we will be facing it all over again and enjoying it once again.

For everyone reading this I do hope you had a wonderful holiday and look forward to a great New Year.

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Merry Christmas

Winter is paying a visit to Florida today with no sunshine and cool temperatures. Really shouldn’t complain as I see on TV so many areas without electricity and frigid, snowy conditions. We tend to be spoiled in this sunshine state expecting the sun to shine every day. It is definitely a mood booster and makes everything seem brighter. I will have to make do and be thankful and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday. Be happy, be safe, and enjoy!

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Holiday Vacation

Finally it is Friday and the kids are so excited knowing we will have goodies this afternoon in celebration of the upcoming holidays. No school for two weeks and I am sure they will be so grown up when they return. I sometimes believe they grow in their sleep. I wore my red Santa hat, red shirt, white pants and red shoes and carried my treasures into the classroom. Ms Millie are those for us? What is in the bag? I see books – I see candy canes. I was sure to put their names on the books earlier so giving them to each child would be quick.

As each was called I gave a big activity book that has puzzles, dot to dot, find a word and coloring pages, plus a candy cane. Merry Christmas and thank you Ms Millie they chanted. It is so much fun to give these wonderful children a book to remember me by and a learning fun tool for their idle hours. Although I don’t believe children have idle hours – Moms’ just wish they did , sometimes. Happy Holidays everyone!

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