Nice to See You Again

About 5 weeks ago I boarded a cruise ship in Port Canaveral Fl and sailed to St Thomas and St Martine. There were over 2800 passengers and 1500 in crew and staff. The ship was decked out in beautiful colors, huge theatre, ice skating rink, rock climbing wall and the dining rooms were magnificent, the food was cooked to perfection and there was a choice for all. If you chose to eat healthy there were wonderful selections and tempting salads, desserts. The cabins were plush even at the lower price scale and the beds were to die for. You just sunk into the mattress and pillow.

I joined a group of wonderful singles from Atlanta and Florida and we all just jelled and had a blast. The beauty of it all were the difference in ages from 30’s to 70’s and yet everyone was young in heart and spirit. We all took lots of photos and exchanged email addresses hoping we would keep in touch. Well, we did keep in touch and tonight there was a get together in Tampa at Wild Wings and there were about 200 plus happy people.

There were about 15 of the people I spent the most time with just catching up on the past weeks and looking at photos. I have made so many new acquaintances and we are planning to go to a huge Halloween Party the end of October. Some of us were talking about doing the cruise again next Labor Day and I will definitely put it on my calendar. Hopefully, it will be Royal Caribbean once more. I was impressed and look forward to making some more new friends.

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The Realities of Senior Dating

Well here we are ladies, primped and proper, perfect in posture dressed in our Sunday best. We have our choices of a movie with friends or lunch for one or two or we could go to the beach after saying our prayers in our choice of worship. Some of us will have had a date (some of us are luckier than others) and some of us will have answered many of the same questions on the Internet dating sites. Most have the same faces and all are crying looking for the women of their dreams. She must be a good cook, love staying home and cuddling watching a movie together or for a treat a walk through the flea markets. She should be slim and shapely and free of all family ties and not want to travel far. They in return are heavy and not too shapely. Sports are all they know and watch. A good number are still smoking and become upset when you refuse to date them because of allergies to smoke and health reasons. Dress up means a t-shirt, flip flops and shorts.

What has happened to the man with the dress slacks and collared shirt and possibly a pair of polished shoes? What has happened to the clean-shaven face and haircut and fragrance of after shave?

Not sure what the answer is but there are lots of us wonderful women looking for a special male to spend a Sunday afternoon with. If there any men out there reading this help me out. Tell us how to deal with this dilemma.

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The Challenge of Teaching

This is my fifth year as a volunteer and this is the first time with 8-9 year old children (3rd grade). My first year was with 1st grade and I could understand some of the children were not used to being away from home and the newness of walking and talking only when allowed and listening and trying to understand was overwhelming for most of them. The few that had gone to preschool or day care were able to adapt easily. I was shocked how a teacher was supposed to teach 18-21 children ranging in age from 5-6 in addition to keeping them in their seats and also deal with toileting habits.

I know the old adage is “In my Day” but it is so true that we were taught respect and knew our parents would back up the teacher. Today, some of the parents are incommunicado via telephone or notes. There are too many children on medication when a little more attention at home and some old fashioned hugs would give these children a feeling of love and self worth. For thirty years I worked and raised my three sons as a single parent and I made sure their homework was done. Their schedules and friends were all monitored. They had a bedtime curfew and there was no t.v. or computer to distract them. I made sure they had breakfast and a good lunch packed or money given on Friday for pizza.

My whole point with this dilemma is I would hope more parents would give some additional attention to their children and not expect the teachers to discipline as well as teach . It is not possible nor is it fair to the children that know how to listen and are there to learn. I would also hope that more seniors that have the time and the know how and the love of children to give an hour or two a week. It will be the most rewarding gift you can give yourself. These little ones need some grandma’s and grandpa’s in their daily lives. Go for it!!!

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Over the Hill

Somebody told me that when I hit sixty years old I would no longer be attractive to the opposite sex. Some women I know mentioned to me that men are not interested in older women (they prefer them young).

I am now almost 71 and I am finding that older men are not interested in me as I do not look my age. My self and other women I know are in the best shape of our lives and are living every day happily and enjoying life and all it has to offer.

I believe we are more attractive now than in our younger years. We are less stressed and more in tune with what we desire, what we enjoy and what we want to do. If we choose to please only ourselves we can be selfish. We have done our time (lovingly) raising a family, having a career, taking care of a husband. Now it is all about us. We can go to a movie alone, a theater, a cruise, a dinner or lunch. But if we choose to have a date or be in a relationship it is the younger males that are finding us interesting, sexy and fun to be with. So in essence we are not over the hill by any means. We are way up on top of the world and still climbing. Who knows how high we can go? Enjoy the ride up!

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Where Were You?

Where were you on 9-11-01?

I remember it well because my son was at my home recuperating from a heart surgery and I was at work. He called me at work and asked me if what he had seen was real or was he hallucinating from the medication he was taking? I had no idea what he was referring to until the second tower was hit while he was on the line with me. I put him on hold and ran to my bosses office which housed a television and I turned it on to see what I could not believe was happening. Running back to my office with tears streaming I picked up the phone to tell him “yes” it is real and too bad it wasn’t his imagination. Myself and the other girl in the office tried to do our work and answer the phones while I listened on the radio.

To hear and see it again today only reinforces that we should never forget nor should we take anything in life for granted. Be kind and loving to all and always hug and kiss someone hello or goodbye. Try to do a good deed for someone everyday. Take time to be thankful and grateful for all that you have. Give of yourself even if it is only a smile and a thank you. Many years ago a famous singer Don Cornell sang a hit song “There’s No Tomorrow” Just live for today. So let’s make all our today’s the best we can.

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