Too Old to Cry

Can you imagine a few people being so rude and uncaring in a group of so called friends not talking to each other? Or the few deciding who they will not bother with? Originally the few started off as thinking” hey we are good friends” (don’t know the true meaning of the word friends) and then one starts to look better due to exercise or dressing classier or is getting more attention and they decide I am not talking to her. The person they stop talking to and ignoring has been polite and has not said a word, but this person has feelings and is now shying away slowly.

Unfortunately, this group started out with about 15 or so people getting together for dinner, dancing and just hanging out at a local club or beach…..Then who met who, who paired of with who, who decided who should be with who and so on……You are probably thinking this is a group of children or teenagers. Nope, each one is over the age of 65 or close to it and should be embarassed by their actions.

We are past the age of acting childish and we should be treating each other with kindness and respect whether we like each others habits or not.

They are hurting themselves and others and if they would only put their energies into something worthwhile they would like their reflection in the mirror alot more……I personally have found myself almost in tears but held back and made a joke out of it to myself and ha ha ha till I felt better.

And so I am not “too old to cry” but I choose laughter!

A Mind Vacation

Today for an hour and a half I had the remarkable experience of going on a mini-vacation for the mind…………..

It was called a stress reduction class that required props like pillows and blanket and some beach towels that could be rolled up. How hard could this be especially that I was retired? How much stress could I possibly have?

We started off sitting in a cobblers pose (a yoga term) and started to breathe in thru the nose and out thru the nose to free our minds of schedules, things to do, later, tomorrow, next week. Then we increased the breath to one inhale thru the nose and two breaths on the exhale and after a few of those increase the inhale to two and the exhale to four breaths. By now your mind is almost empty and if you find it getting muddled you can go back to your inhale, exhale through the nose. We then reclined on our pillows in a “spread eagle” so-to-speak pose and wore our eye pillows to block out the light as we sank into a peaceful world with beautiful music in the background. I could feel all the tension leave my body almost like a masseuse massaging my muscles.

The instructor then read a little mantra that we can all use to relax and meditate. It is promising yourself to do better a little more each day, help someone in need, smile at that stranger and cut back on wasted thoughts worrying. Give yourself 10-15 minutes a day of nothingness.

For the next hour or so we continued different positions adjusting our props and I was started to feel like a new person mentally and physically. I was re-energized and a sense of peacefulness had come over me. My mind had been on a mini vacation and I truly recommend it.

Find this at your local fitness facility.  If they don’t offer it tell them how incredible it is for all. Who doesn’t need a vacation from their mind?


Can you imagine your Dad being 99? This is how I perceive my Dad being 99 today. It would be incredible to still have the love of my life still around. He would see his baby girl at the ripe age of 67 all grown up not withstanding the bumps and bruises he told me I would face in life.

My Dad had a way of putting me on his knee and telling me in his kind loving voice about the ways of life and people. People might not always be what they seem. To always smile even though I might be crying inside. Laughing would keep the wrinkles away as people did get lines if they frowned. My Dad had no wrinkles. If I could learn to listen well I would be able to amass a great knowledge of information. He also told me that if I heard something that was not true I should excuse myself and interrupt and tell my thoughts on the subject. My Dad always assured me that as long as I treated people with respect I could expect the same in return and not to accept anything less. If I could look in the mirror and like what I saw then I was doing a good job of being a good person. He told me to love with all of my heart and to give with all of my heart. I would like to believe that I have passed this legacy from my wonderful Dad to my three sons.

And to my wonderful Daddy Happy Birthday from your little girl.


Wearing “My Favorite Hat”

In one of my laments I spoke of wearing different hats for the various roles I played in my lifetime. Some of these hats fit me well – some were a little off and some not a good fit at all……..Today, I found my perfect hat and I know it is perfect because I am all smiles inside and out and I am happy and whistling and just full of energy and looking forward to tomorrow. Can you guess what role I played today and for lots of day to come? I will give you a hint, school? children? …You got it!

I have resumed my volunteering and to wonderful little 8-9 year olds…One of my favorites from 2nd grade Katrina hugged me so tight and said “Ms Millie I missed you every single day of the whole vacation”.. How could I not beaming? Only a child could speak so honestly words that I will long remember with a smile. So many of us could benefit from a child appreciating the time we spend with them.

We have about 15 children this term, mostly males and they are just adorable. When I questioned Shelby when was his birthday, he gave me the exact date of my grandson’s birthdate and exact age……Shelby that is my grandson’s birthday and he replied, No it can’t be, it is my birthday….I explained that yes it was indeed his birthday but it also belonged to alot of other children. It took him a few minutes and then he smiled and said “OK”

Tomorrow I will be back there at my favorite school that houses the children that bring me much joy and happiness. I will be smiling all over and I will be doing my homework on how I can be a better volunteer.

Ms Millie Says:

Look in the mirror every morning and say I am great, I am thankful and I am going to have a wonderful day!

Smile at least 5 times a day…….It will make you happier when you do it!

Complement someone and their appreciation will shine in your heart.

Try something new every day. A puzzle, a new recipe or a new hairstyle. It is food for your brain.

Pilates and yoga moves are 2nd nature to me and yet there are days when I rock and other days it seems like I never did these moves before…….Just go with the flow…..The body knows its rhythm……..

At the end of every day take time to say thank you. And when you open your eyes to the daylight, smile and be thankful.

Be mindful of your neighbors and their habits. Check on them periodically just to be sure they are ok…..Exchange phone numbers of emergency contacts for those just in case scenarios.

Try to do a good deed every day. You will see how good it makes you feel. e.g. Hold the door for someone, at the supermarket checkout, let someone go ahead of you and smile. Be polite to everyone you meet.

Smile and the world smiles with you……Smile on the outside and cry on the inside are words I try to live by…….